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car wash girls

Car Wash Girls

When the customer is on the conveyor, the attendant (or signage) will instruct the customer to put the vehicle into neutral, release all brakes, and refrain from steering. Failure to do so can cause an accident on the conveyor. The rollers come up behind the tires, pushing the car through a detector, which measures vehicle length, allowing the controller to tailor the wash to each individual vehicle. The equipment frame, or arches, vary in number and type. A good car wash makes use of many different pieces of equipment and stages of chemical application to thoroughly clean the vehicle.
The carwash will generally start cleaning with pre-soaks applied through special arches. They may apply a lower pH (mild acid) followed by a higher pH (mild alkali), or the order may be reversed depending on chemical suppliers and formula used. Chemical formulas and concentrations will also vary based upon seasonal dirt and film on vehicles, as well as exterior temperature, and other factors. Chemical dilution and application works in combination with removal systems based on either high pressure water, friction, or a combination of both. Chemical substances, while they are industrial strength, are not used in harmful concentrations since car washes are designed not to harm a vehicle's components or finish.
The customer next encounters tire and wheel nozzles, which the industry calls CTAs (Chemical Tire Applicators). These will apply specialized formulations, which remove brake dust and build up from the surface of the wheels and tires. The next arch will often be wraparounds, usually made of a soft cloth, or closed cell foam material. These wraparounds should rub the front bumper and, after washing the sides, will follow across the rear of the vehicle cleaning the rear including the license plate area. Past the first wraps or entrance wraps may be a tire brush that will scrub the tires and wheels. This low piece is often located beneath a mitter (the hanging ribbon-like curtains of cloth that move front to back or side to side) or top wheels. There may also be rocker panel washers which are shorter in size (ranging in size from 18 inches (45 cm) up to 63 inches (160 cm) tall) that clean the lower parts of the vehicle. Most rocker brushes house the motor below the brush hub so they don't inhibit cloth movement and allow the brush to be mounted under a support frame or below a mitter. Some car washes have multiple mitters, or a combination of mitters and top brushes.
After the mitter or top brush(es) the car may pass through a second set of wraparounds. This may also be where high pressure water streams are used to clean difficult to reach parts of the vehicle. The car generally passes over an under carriage wash and/or has high pressure nozzles pointed at it from various positions. Next may be a tire spinner, high pressure nozzles angled specifically to clean wheels and tires. After the several wash stations the vehicle may go through triple foamers, usually red, blue, and yellow, although colors can be customized with higher end chemical suppliers. The triple foam process includes special cleaners as well as some protective paint sealant.

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