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young surfing girl

Young Surfing Girl

Surfers' skills are not tested only in their ability to control their board in challenging conditions and/or catch and ride challenging waves, but by their ability to execute maneuvers such as turning and carving. Some the common turns have become recognizable tricks such as the cutback (turning back toward the breaking part the wave), the floater (riding on the top the breaking curl the wave), and f the lip (banking f the top the wave). A newer addition to surfing is the progression the air where a surfer propels oneself f the wave and re-enters. Some these maneuvers are executed to extreme degrees, as with f-the-lips where a surfer over-rotates his turn and re-enters backward, or airs done in the same fashion, recovering either with re-rotation or continuing the over-rotation to come out with his nose forward again.
Tube ride
The tube ride is a manoeuvre performed in the sport surfing. When a wave begins to break, it ten creates a hollow section as it peels down the sandbank or reef bottom, enabling the experienced surfer to position him / her self in the hollow part the wave, also known as the tube. The surfer can be completely surrounded by water for several seconds (sometimes much longer depending upon the wave) until the wave forces him / her to exit the tube and go back out onto the open wave face. Given the degree difficulty experienced whilst riding a tube, surfers ten fall f their surfboards before exiting the tube cleanly. Strong tube riding skills can only be acquired from years experience riding hollow waves and learning to anticipate how the wave will break, thus enabling you to stay inside the tube longer, or exit quickly before the wave collapses on top you. Some the world's best known waves for tube riding include Pipeline on the North shore Oahu, Teahupoo in Tahiti and G-Land in Java.

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